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The International Wushu Championship in Russia

The completion began with the opening ceremony and the parade of the competing teams. The tornament was carried out in honour of Alexey IvanovichShinkevich, who promoted this kind of sport in the Rostov region and the Russian Federation. He was a proffesionalist in this field, an enthusiast whose competence and persistence allowed him to raise kuoshu in the Rostov region and the whole Russia. He managed to turn the first battles in the small clubs into a real championship.

This championship is a very joyfull and thrilling event forthe all competitors, guests and spectators. It allowed not only to gather sportsmen from the whole Russia but also the Ukraine, Belorussia, German, Italy, Lithuania and  the Chinese Republic of Taiwan.

The opening ceremony was followed  by  performance of childrens’ sport school number 4, dance group “City Rhythm”, kuoshu sportsmen from Rostov-on–Don and folklore artistic group Daritsvet. The honored guests were presented a round loaf according to an ancient Russian tradition.

After the Russian Hymn sounded,  Ivan Korchagin the silver medalist of The World Kuoshu Championship 2011 on behalf of all the participants give the vow in which he promised to perform at the Intercontinental Kuoshu Competition and be respective to the rules.  YaramyshevaAlina gave a vow from all the Judges.

Rostov is a future for Kuoshu

The Intercontinental Koushu Championship is an event demanding a great responsibility from both 350 competitors and organizers. Everything must be perfect because the representatives  of different regions, countries, cities came here to Rostov-on-Don. But is it easy in fact to organize Intercontinental Competition? And we came with this question to the President of Russian Koushu Federation Sergey Evgenievich Kutasov. And that is his answer:

- Thats really hard. We have a definite structure on the basis of which the event is being held. For example, we organized the all-Russian Kuoshu Competitions which were much easier to be carried out than Championships of Intercontinental level. We faced a number of small problems  such as registration of foreign participants and their accommodation for a three-day period of competition.

What do you expect from the Competition?

- We have got several aims. The first is to demonstrate achievements of Russia in Koushu and high sport results. The second one is to show the level of the Competitions in Russia are organized especially taking into account the coming Olympiad. We also organize Championships in order to memorise the Don tutor who did a lot for founding the school of fighting art Koushu.

 Kristina Kolesnikova

Ian May president, sportsman and beautiful woman

A very important guest came to the Intercontinental Kuoshu  Championship.  She is a Mistress Ian May, the President of the International Chinese Kuoshu Federation is a very fragile woman with strong character and eyes which look straight into your soul. She was rather friendly and agreed to give us an interview.

Mistress Ian May, it is the first Intercontinental Kuosu Championship in Russia. Have you ever been to Russia before? Whats your first impression about Rostov-on-Don?

I came to Rostov for the first time and I really liked this friendly country. Id also like to mention that the city is very clean.

What did inspire you to take up kuosu? What was the reaction of your parents on your choice.

The matter is, the practice of kuoshu is a tradition for our family. Its brought from one member to another throughout generations. My father went in for kuoshu. He also practiced this kind of sport. He was the president of Intercontinental Kuoshu Federation. I got this job after him. It is a kind of heritage for me.

- What do you think about the personal treats the sportsman should develop to achieve a success in this field?

- The main thing is a practice. One should widen ones borders of the inner mind, to improve your perception and to be ready to find out something new. Its also important to develop new styles and learn a number of things. One should also be able to create good relations with people from other countries and share you experience and knowledge with each other. We can say, that one should copy and develop everything good he or she finds in people. Its the only way of becoming a true master.

- Your presence at this championship is very important for competitors. What can you wish them to support?

- Here we can see a number of sportsmen. A great deal of them has an inner power. They should use it. They should feel it inside of them and not to be afraid to use it. Its necessay to add, that kuoshu competitions, like in any other kind of sport, has a lot of details. They shouldnt draw ones attention, because the abundance of the information distracts. And my wishes… Well, I wish all the sportsmen good luck!

Alina Gtitsenko

Hearty Greetings From Italy

After the performance of the Italian team, I decided to speak with its coach. Rhino Limoli is very interedted in his team results because hes been practicing kuoshu for a long time.

Is it your first visit to Russia?

Yes, Im in Russia for the first time, but Ive visited a number of countries, for instance in Lithuania. Its a country with a beautiful nature, a lot of forests, parks and alleys. Many cities and villages are located on the seaside.

Did you like Rostov and what do you expect of the competitions?

Yes, its a very beautiful and clear city. I like it very much. The competition is on the high level. I just think, that some rules should improved, put into details. I expect to see suspending and fair fights.

How many competitions of this level have you visited?

Ive visited a number of competitions; it would be hard to count all of them. I like my work and once I even was in America. It was a great trip!

How much time do you spend for your trainings?

For about three or more hours a day. Trainings are very important for every sportsman, regardless his or her kind of sport. For me a good physical form is the most important, but during my trainings I also get good emotions that also contribute to it.

They say that Italian people are god-natured and well-bread. Are greetings and other signs of social communications are important for Italians?

Oh, in general, Italians are a very hot-tempered and even passionate. We need just a little time for anybody to become our friend. Its easy for us to touch other people. We can hug or kiss in public and its absolutely normal for us. Its a sign of affection for us and without it we wouldnt have so warm relations with other people.

Surfing the net I found an interesting word Allegria. Could you tell what it means?

Allegria is an emotional state of a person, namely a joy. A true Italian should always be joyful. It can be difficult, but essential for good relationships.

In term of the team which came with Rhino from Italy, he says them that its unnecessary to become a champion in the kuoshu. The main thing is to enjoy your work. 

Georgy Dementievsky


Just good luck!

Before the beginning of the competition, our correspondents Anastasia Kozlova and Ekaterina Kolomiets interviewed sportsmen from Germany.

Juri Schmelzer and Viktor Rehwaldt are very nervous. German sportsmen with Russian names came from Berlin. Viktor began to go in for Koushu several years ago, due to the films with Jackie Chan which inspired him to take up this martial art. But actually he doesnt have any idols.

Juri has been going in for Koushu since 2002. Its his third visit to Russia. For the first time he was in Russia, when visited his aunt, who lives in Chelyabinsk. The second visit to Russia was the trip to St Petersburg.   He liked  it very much.

 Juri Schmelzer told the story about the battle with his brother. He didnt expected the rival to be his own brother. In the first round the winner was Juri, in the second round his brother won. Finally the victory went to Juri. He was proud of himself.  

As for the sportsmen preparing to enter the arena and to show their best, Juri and Viktor can just wish them good luck.


Any sport competition is kind of test

Several hundreds of sportsmen from different countries and regions of Russia gathered n the arena. The fact that the event gives the opportunity to both children, who are just making first steps in kuoshu and professionals in this martial art to show themselves. Ivan Panferov from Novsibirskperfoms in the group of age from 22 to 25 years. The sportsman told our interviewer, Elena Veshkurova, about his experience in taking part in competitions and his attitude towards this kind of sport.

- How often do you take part in competitions of such level?

- Its the second time I attend such kind of a competition.in February I took part in the all-Russian championship that by the way was held in Rostov. That time I really enjoyed the way the event was organized, the challenging atmosphere that was there. It was a great experience for me. Any competition is always a good practice, it helps to improve skills and to strengthen the spirit.

- How can martial arts helps you in everyday life?

- Actually, I practice martial arts since 13, but kuosu appeared in my life about 5-6 years ago. For me its first of all experience, which helps to develop features important for a man. Its a practice intended to reach perfection. It makes you realize the way you should work on yourself in order to win. If we talk about usage of kuoshu in our life, fortunately I had no situations when I had to fight. Im a peaceful person and thats why Ive never had serious conflicts with other people.

- What would you do if your child has an intention to take up kuoshu?

- I wouldnt mind that if its his decision. First of all I want him to be unique. My child must decide himself for what he was born. I can only help him to choose the direction, but the final choice he has to do himself. I came across a number of cases when parents ignored wishes of their children and made them take up those kinds of sport that children didnt want to practice. Usually it leads to stressful situations in families and a gap between children and their parents. I dont want t have such an atmosphere in my family.

- What do you expect from the competition? May be you want to make a personal record?

- It is hard to speak about the permanent records. As I have little experience in performing on such competitions, I havent got my own record yet, but you should always have aims that you want to reach. In general I expect a friendly atmosphere when you can talk to people without regarding them as enemies. I ‘d  like to see their achievements in comparison with former Competitions.  Any sport event is a kind of test when you realize your abilities of what to do and how to do. Its also a great opportunity to check your skills in a bit stressful situation, in the process of definite fight.  You can clearly get the mood of the sportsmen, excitement of those who are younger.  Its very pleasant to see a good organization of the competition, and its nice and easy to chat with all participants. That is very important for me.

Elena Veshkurova


 Rostov-on-Don hosts the guests, the competitors of the Intercontinental Kuoshu Championship, who are the representatives of different countries and republics. Catherine Cotenkova, Kristine Kolesnikova and AnastasyaKozlova asked 65 people to know about their emotions and the impression the city made on them. The answers were rather different and interesting.

What was surprising for you in Rostov-on-Don?

Many representatives (35%) answered that it was the wonderful sceneries. The less popular answer was the architecture. Sportsmen also liked Rostov girls (11%), they found them beautiful. The hospitality, clear streets and the good sport complex got 1,6% each. The most original answer gave one of the sportsmen, Rostov-on-Don is a big city located in a big steep. 

How do you feel in Rostov?

We were sure when expected that the majority (54%) would enjoy themselves. 35% of competitors answered that they are in a good mood. 8% answered that they were excited to come to Rostov.  One of the competitors was very nervous before the competiton. To cut a long story short, nobody regrets about the coming. And this is a good news.

What do you expect of the competition?

The majority (69%) answered that they expected to win. 14% of people want to gain a new experience. Some of the competitors (11%) came to enjoy themselves. And there were just several persons (1,6 %) who expected to have a good time, to meet new people and to get the idea of the intercontinental championship.


 From aerobics to kuoshu

 Kseniya Tkachenko from Pskov was very surprised when she took up kuoshu and succeded in this sport discipline.

Firstly, Kseniya  has been practicing gymnastics for two years, then she went through six years of aerobic training. But one particularly unhappy day Kseniya got spinal injury in an incident during her performance. She was banned from practicing any sport.

Kseniya loved kuoshu all her life. She couldnt get a permission to train but the training was something she was craving for. Her wish and desire to fight the impossible was so strong that neither doctors, nor her parents could stay in her way. And now Kseniya is back in the game. Shes been practicing kuoshu for three years now.

Kseniya Tkachenko is one of the Russian champions, who took the first place four times and second place- three times. But sky is the limit, says Kseniya, for shes  only fourteen and there are so many victories awaiting her in future.

Soroka and her gold

 Lida Soroka is an active, cheerful and lively sportsman. She gave the interview Catherine Cotenkova, our corresponded.

Lida came to participate in the Inernational Kuosu Championship from Kiev, the capital of the Ukraine. She has been practising kuoshu since 13. Her parents made her to attend the kuosu classes when she was only 3 years old. The parents themselves have nothing common with this kind of sport, they just wanted their daughter to have a hobby.  Lida was an active child and didnt want to take up dancing, but kuosu was an ideal variant. Nowadays Lida is a memder of the Ukraine team which represent the country at the Championship.

Her first kuoshu classes showed that lida could make herself a successful career. Lida was 4 years old and won her first game. The success went to her head. Since then kuoshu has become an essential part of Lidas life.  

A number of times Lida participated the European Championships, Kung Fu Competitions in Kuwait, Hong Kong, Sicily And almost everywhere she managed to win the gold medal. At this International Chinese kuoshu Tournament in honor of of Shinkevich Alexey Lida showed one of the southern styles at the Tigers Fist arena.

Sheve never had the conflicts with other people, her friends and mates respect her. Shes successful also in her study. She gets good marks at school and gold medals at competitions. Lida tries to be friendly to her rivals, They are the same people as me. Im also a rival for somebody, thats why I try to respect them.

Lida cant hardly imagine her life without kuosu. Apparenly from martial arts, her only hobby is painting. Lida doent intend to become a professional in kuosu. Nowadays shes a student and her future profession is a lawyer. She go in for kuosu for the personal development.

From all the competitions she emphasizes the Ukraine Cup in Simferopol, when her rival was a girl 11 kilo havier than she and Lida lost. The next battle her rival was 10 kilo havier, but Lida managed to win this game. As s result, she took the silver medal. It was the most difficult but a very interesting competition in ther life

Lida wants to wish the sportsmen a good luck and not to be nervous before their performance. Everything will be OK, she says. The main thing is to trust yourself and your abilities

Catherine Cotenkova





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